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Worktops Natural and artificial stone

Worktops made of natural or artificial stone are valued for their impeccable aesthetics and durability – they are an extremely convenient cooking tool, resistant to scratches and physical damage.

According to hygienists, stone in the kitchen is the most practical and hygienic choice. Natural stone worktops are valued for their impeccable aesthetics and durability – they are an extremely convenient cooking tool, resistant to scratches and physical damage. Stone floors, which are fascinating with their design and high resistance indicators, also receive special attention – a dropped knife or other sharp object will not stick to them, and crushed hot grease will not leave marks. In addition, both stone worktops and stone floors or wall tiles are easy to maintain and clean.

Worktops Kitchen worktop - luxury, necessity or comfort?

natūralaus kvarcito stalviršiai

Anyone who likes to turn around in the kitchen will confirm that the most important part of it is the “work” part – the worktop.

Most people with a natural granite or artificial stone countertop, most kitchen “chefs”, will ensure that stone countertops are unequivocally superior to laminated wood or wood, as the main advantages of stone are hygiene, abrasion and heat resistance, easy care and beauty.

Hygiene is paramount in the kitchen, so due to the extremely low absorbency of the stone, for example when cutting raw meat, its fatty liquids are not absorbed into the stone surface, so no bacteria accumulates in it. This is especially important for parents raising young children.

It is also possible to cut, knead the dough on the stone countertop – it does not stick to the countertop, put hot dishes – it is not afraid of a sudden change in temperature. In addition, the natural granite or artificial stone countertop cleans perfectly, is durable and always looks like new.

So having a stone in the kitchen will be both a practical and a luxurious solution for your interior.

Stone countertops or decor details for the bathroom

In the bathroom, stone is used for walls, floors, bathroom walls, natural stone sinks, etc. In the bathroom, the stone gives the impression of luxury and is very functional – the stone countertops are easy to clean, they do not change from the effects of moisture, mold, soap residue and other dirt do not accumulate around the sink, bathtub and other joints.

How to properly maintain stone countertops?

Stone countertops are not afraid of water, are resistant to heat and scratches, are non-greasy and easy to maintain, but they also require maintenance. In this brief overview, we will share some useful tips to help preserve the natural beauty of a stone’s surface with proper care.

Daily care – simply clean the stone countertops with a damp cloth moistened with water, do not rub with any abrasives, do not use any scouring powders or concentrated chemical cleaners. Remove stains of organic, mineral or vegetable origin from the surfaces of stone countertops only with cleaning agents specifically designed for cleaning stone surfaces.

We recommend impregnating stone countertops with an impregnant for stone from time to time – this significantly facilitates the maintenance of the stone countertop and prevents the absorption of dirt. Although stone surfaces are very resistant to abrasion, try not to knock them with hard and sharp objects. We recommend that you do not leave spilled oil, wine, coffee or other “coloring” liquids on the table for a long time, as well as lemon, onion, various acidic fruit or vegetable residues. Avoid contact of the stone surface with chemicals, paint, nail polish, grease or other strong cleaners, acids, etc. chemical means.

These simple tips will give your stone surface both longevity and preserve the beauty of the stone in your interior for a long time.

Countertop edge design

A wide range of machined worktop edge design options for your bathroom or kitchen worktop, suitable for collections of absolutely all stone colors and selected surface textures.

Straight-cut worktop design: the easiest way to cut a straight section from an angle to fit a surface finish of any thickness with a straight finish.

2 + 2 cut-out table top design: the cut edge edge machined in this way gives the worktop continuity, making it stronger and more resistant to impact and scratches.

Fully rounded countertop design: the fully rounded edge finish creates a feeling of complete continuity in the kitchen while maintaining the same countertop thickness.

Elegantly milled worktop design: this is an elegant cut made in a special way from the traditional sideboard, giving the worktop a very elegant shape.

Cross-cut countertop design: this is the perfect countertop solution for the integrity and strength of your kitchen or bathroom countertop.

Semi-rounded worktop design: this is a great semi-rounded and lightly rounded bathroom or kitchen worktop solution that gives your worktop an effect of lightness and a pleasant touch.

Processing of natural and artificial stone.

Production is made only from the highest quality natural and artificial stone.

Modern stone processing machines allow to perform both standard and non-standard orders with extreme precision and accuracy.

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