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Bathroom Made of stone


High-class solutions of various formats, natural and artificial stone for the bathroom.

Bathroom with stone solutions

Natural materials such as stone can be easily adapted to any style and decor, so a room such as a bathroom can be not only easy to maintain and durable, but also cozy and elegant.

Durable and long-lasting stone coverings for baths and shower areas.

From indoor waterproofing to installation of artificial or natural stone solutions.

We work throughout Lithuania.

We have one of the most modern stone processing factories in Lithuania.

For those who are looking for a wide range of the highest quality natural or artificial stone for their bathroom project, we invite you to visit probably the largest gallery of full-format stone slabs in Lithuania Pramonės str. 97, Vilnius. 

Why you might like natural or artificial stone in the bathroom?

Because the stone is so versatile, it is used for wall and floor coverings, furniture and plumbing, and even detailed accessories.

Ease of maintenance, durability and exclusivity add value.

Bathroom and stone: elegant beauty that adapts to any style and decor!

Natural or artificial stone can be used in many ways and can be found in many bathroom elements such as:

  • Shower trays
  • Bathroom decoration
  • Wash basins
  • Wall covering
  • Flooring
  • Sills

Whether you prefer a comfortable shower or a more relaxing bath, stone can be used for both.
Stone shower trays guarantee an impressive result and are perfect if you choose a spa-style bathroom, especially at floor level.

An increasingly popular solution in bathrooms is the use of stone to create washbasins. Stone sinks are a refined and sophisticated choice that fits perfectly with any style. They are not only practical and durable, but also a design element that gives the room uniqueness.