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Lapitec Artificial granite stone


Lapitec artificial stone is an innovative and unique artificial stone surface. The choice of large-format panels and surface texture, combined with aesthetic design, excellent mechanical and physical properties of porcelain with elegance, suitability, colors and a typical natural stone finish.

Lapitec is suitable for a variety of solutions, including interior and exterior finishes and ventilated facades, floor coverings and swimming pools, kitchen countertops and bathroom surfaces. This stone conveys sophistication and expresses an aesthetic aspect that is perfect for a demanding lifestyle.
Lapitec® offers attention to detail, exclusivity and meticulous sophistication of modern elegance – the highest quality choice. Lapitec® is a natural alternative to natural stone that can adapt to the changing requirements of architecture and interior design, providing otherwise impossible application solutions.

Lapitec Surface sizes


Lapitec is an innovative “full format” artificial granite stone that is available in large format slabs. It combines the excellent physical properties of artificial stone with the elegance, workmanship and finish of natural stone.

Lapitec is available in 3365×1500 mm and 12, 20 or 30 mm thick, making it one of the largest artificial stone solutions on the market. It is durable and completely resistant to weather conditions. Each plate is resistant to acids, alkalis, deep abrasion, fire, cold and is not exposed to UV rays. It is also resistant to graffiti. Lapitec is manufactured with the utmost respect for people and the environment. It is completely inert and contains no resins or oil derivatives.

Lapitec is manufactured in a very consistent manner and always maintains both its dimensions and the thickness of the entire panel: the size of the 12 mm thick and 20 mm thick surface plate is 3365 × 1500 mm (5.05 m2) and the 30 mm thick plate is 1460 × 3365 mm (4.91 m2). It is a great and durable artificial stone surface for kitchens, bathrooms, interior and exterior floors, interior and exterior finishes and swimming pools.

During the production process, a special form of titanium dioxide is added to the pulp, which is activated with Bio-Care to give antibacterial properties, as well as to decompose and wash away airborne contaminants. This important feature allows the company to define the surfaces of its Lapitec Bio-Care line as “self-cleaning”.

Lapitec artificial granite stone: Versatility

Lapitec® offers the most suitable interior and exterior solutions – ventilated exterior façades, interior decoration, kitchen or bathroom countertops, outdoor or exterior flooring, the size and texture of which are especially needed by designers.

Lapitec artificial stone antibacterial properties

Lapitec® is a non-porous structural surface and therefore resistant to coloring dirt (coffee or wine spots), mold and bacteria. The resistance of the Lapitec® material to the absorbability of the dirt gives the surface to the user and is extremely easy to maintain, which is a durable, easy to clean surface.

Resistance to friction and durability

Lapitec® is a durable artificial stone surface that is not afraid of any disadvantages when using it. Each plate is resistant to acids, alkalis, deep abrasives, fire, frost and does not affect UV rays. It is also resistant to graphite. Lapitec® is friendly to the environment and to household consumption, made from natural ingredients. It is an environmentally friendly material that is completely inert and does not contain any gum or oil.

The material used in the production of Lapitec® is made up of non-combustible materials, thus maintaining a high temperature (without burning), a surface resistant to scratching or cracking. Lapitec® artificial stone is resistant to high temperatures (up to 300 ° C, non-combustion) – its surface does not slip, shrinks or bites, so you can safely put a hot pot on the tabletop and do not be afraid of its vulnerability.

Lapitec Chef System

The Chef System from Lapitec is a unique service that allows you to create a more perfect kitchen, tailored to your individual needs. This stunning stone offers a variety of colors and surface finishes, allowing you to create kitchen surfaces that blend harmoniously into your design. In addition, the Lapitec Chef System is easily integrated into existing worktops or used as a cooking surface, giving you enormous flexibility and versatility in kitchen planning.

The innovative “Lapitec Chef System” is perfect for professional kitchens where it is necessary to create a special cooking area. Chefs can take advantage of multiple cooking surfaces with different heating zones, allowing them to cook different dishes at the same time. Such an exclusive solution increases the efficiency and productivity of the kitchen, ensuring fast and efficient preparation of meals.


Color Options

Processing of natural and artificial stone.

Production is made only from the highest quality natural and artificial stone.

Modern stone processing machines allow to perform both standard and non-standard orders with extreme precision and accuracy.

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