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Quartzite Natural stone


Quartzite is characterized by a beautiful pattern of stone threads and special strength, so the use of this stone is quite universal – for kitchen and bathroom countertops, wall and fireplace decoration, floor covering.

Table tops made of natural quartzite stone are valued for their impeccable aesthetics and durability – it is an extremely convenient cooking tool, resistant to scratches and physical damage. Most people with natural quartzite stone countertops, most kitchen “chefs”, will ensure that stone countertops are unequivocally superior to laminated wood or wood, as the main advantages of stone are hygiene, abrasion and heat resistance, easy care and beauty.

Quartzite Natural stone solutions


Quartzite is a hard metamorphic rock that used to be sandstone. Quartzite is formed when sandstone is exposed to high temperatures and high pressures. Quartzite is usually composed of a quartz mineral. Such pure quartzite is white or gray in color. Brownish-pink quartzite is also found. Iron oxide impurities give this color. As quartzite is a hard rock (Mohs hardness – 7), it is resistant to abrasion, so it has durability, which gives it longevity. This allows this stone to be used not only for interior decoration – kitchen countertops, window sills, but also widely used for decoration – interior floor coverings, stairs. Because quartzite has a low porosity, does not accumulate bacteria on its surface, and remains resistant to nutrients (citric acid, vinegar), coffee, tea, wine, and other contaminants, making quartzite ideal for kitchen countertops.

Quartzite: antibacterial surface

Hygiene is paramount in the kitchen, so due to the extremely low absorbency of the stone, for example when cutting raw meat, its fatty liquids are not absorbed into the stone surface, so no bacteria accumulates in it. This is especially important for parents raising young children. It is also possible to cut, knead the dough on the stone countertop – it does not stick to the countertop, put hot dishes – it is not afraid of a sudden change in temperature. In addition, the natural quartzite stone countertop cleans perfectly, is durable and always looks like new. So having a “stone” in the kitchen will be both a practical and an impression of luxury.

Maintenance of natural quartzite stone products (table tops, window sills, fireplace finishes)

Natural quartzite countertop is a kitchen business card. In order to preserve the high technical properties and aesthetic characteristics of a quartzite stone table top, it needs to be regularly maintained in accordance with certain rules and recommendations.

When caring for a natural stone countertop, sink, fireplace or window sill, it is not suitable to clean them with conventional cleaners as they can damage the stone surface. Special stone cleaning pastes or spray cleaners effectively clean the stone and give it a shine.

It is recommended to impregnate each countertop with a special agent for natural stone, which gives the stone very good protection from water, grease and moisture. The tool is deeply absorbed into the stone, does not change the original color of the stone, enlivens the stone pattern, but does not leave a film on the surface and allows the stone to breathe. It is enough to clean the impregnated worktop with a damp sponge and wipe with a dry cloth.

Articles made of quartzite natural stone are long-lasting, but simple care is necessary to make them happy. For daily cleaning, special measures are usually used to allow the stone to retain its natural color and shine for longer and, most importantly for natural stones, not to damage the stone’s surface with normal chemistry.

Attention! Impregnants do not protect natural stone from acids, so it is necessary to be very careful not to leave any residue of wine, lemon, tomato, onion on the table top. However, if there is no “accident”, there are special stone cleaning pastes that remove acid stains from the stone – all you need to do is take care of the stain immediately.

Why choose quartzite?

“Quartzite is beautiful and exotic. People often choose this stone in search of something unique and special. This is a great way to change your space, ”says specialist Evaldas Baniulis, UAB Veritas Ana.

The two strongest properties of quartzite are hardness and durability. Quartzite is almost twice as hard as glass and harder than a knife blade. It is also resistant to common cooking acids and will not be damaged when exposed to things like lemon juice or vinegar.

Easy care for quartzite

Caring for quartzite is similar to caring for granite. Specialists of UAB Veritas Ana recommend regularly cleaning the surface of this stone with a mild cleaner, water and a soft cloth or paper towel.

As with any surface, simple precautionary measures are required to protect quartzite countertops. Wipe up spills and moisture as soon as possible, use pads, cooling racks. Veritas Ana experts also recommend the use of cutting boards, for a completely different reason than you think: “Quartzite is particularly highly rated on the Mohs hardness scale. As a result, it can damage your kitchen knives. “Say Veritas Ana specialists.

Quartzite stone countertops peak in popularity

Designers adore quartzite, and we are no less surprised by it. Quartzite is heat-resistant, scratch-resistant and does not wear as some surfaces can, so each slab of this stone is a natural product with unparalleled exclusivity to make your countertop as individual and unrepeatable.

Our works with quartzite


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