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Window sills Made of stone

Window sills

Window sills will give your home a feeling of extraordinary coziness, luxury and practicality. Not so long ago, when choosing interior window sills, we definitely chose only wooden or plastic. Ceramic tile window sills are often chosen in bathrooms and kitchen areas.

The first thing you will notice, like all stone products, this material is completely timeless, as well as creating a unique beauty of the room, because natural stone has an extraordinary amount of unique charm. But good looks, far from being the only advantage of natural stone windowsills!

Natural stone is also very often used for home interior and exterior window sills. In the interior of the house, the stone gives the impression of luxury and is very functional – the stone surfaces are easy to clean, they do not change from the effects of moisture, and mold and dirt do not accumulate at the joints.

Outside, natural stone windowsills not only look beautiful, but the raindrops that bounce off them when it rains do not cause an unpleasant “knocking” like on metal windowsills, so your night’s sleep will not be disturbed.

Natural stone window sills are a timeless choice

Window sills

Unlike wood, natural stone window sills have their durability. Wood can withstand and be easily damaged – for example, when watering plants or with damage caused by heavy decor details. If the stone window sills are properly installed and maintained, the natural stone will be strong enough to adapt to any of your window sill decor ideas and will serve you for many years to come.

Depending on the outcome you want for your project, consider a variety of stone options for your windowsills, from marble and granite to possibly quartzite stone windowsills. If the room has other natural stone details – such as natural stone floors or fireplace trim – you can choose a similar stone for the windowsills. Or maybe you want bold color contrasts?

Maintenance of natural stone windowsill

Wooden window sills often need to be repainted or varnished to make them look good and protect the wood from the moisture that is harmful to it. Natural stone is much easier to maintain. Depending on the stone you choose, you may only need to re-apply the sealant occasionally to prevent stains and scratches from the water. Veritas Ana specialists are always ready to advise on how to best maintain your natural stone windowsills.

Natural stone window sills - construction and installation

If you are building your dream home from scratch, you can immediately pay attention to the structural part when coordinating a project, given that you are planning to install natural stone window sills. In this case, when choosing the external and internal windows of natural stone, it is possible to immediately plan a solid stone slab on which the window frame will be mounted.

However, if you are planning a home renovation or repair and the windows are already there, don’t worry. It is still really possible to enjoy natural stone windowsills in your home without the use of unnecessary structural work. Natural stone window sills can be easily installed and adapted to existing windows, with little or no damage to the surrounding decor or plaster finish.

Window sills
Window sills
Window sills

Processing of natural and artificial stone.

Production is made only from the highest quality natural and artificial stone.

Modern stone processing machines allow to perform both standard and non-standard orders with extreme precision and accuracy.

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