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Marble Natural stone

Marble in the interior of your home is not only your solution that leaves a unique impression of beauty and luxury, but it is also a long-lasting decorating element that increases the value of the home.

The easiest way to give the environment sophistication in line with current trends in modern life is without a doubt the choice of natural stone on the floor, walls and furniture details.

Widely used in tasteful interior design, marble is basically the main and most common choice.

Marble Natural stone

marmurinė židinio apdaila

Marble is a metamorphic rock formed from limestone or dolomite under high temperatures and pressures, when one rock in the depths of the earth turns into another. Marble is produced in the mining quarries of Greece, Italy, Spain, India, Brazil and other countries of the world. It is one of the most popular natural trim stones, which are used extensively – marble walls, columns, fireplaces, flooring, stairs, table tops, window sills and other interior elements. Marble is commonly used for the production of carved sculptures and various interior elements, in contemporary interior and decoration works. Thus, in the interior of your home with a natural stone, this is not only a unique solution to your beauty and luxury, but also a durable decorative element that adds value to your home.

Natural marble countertops, fireplace decoration or facade wall decoration

Natural marble countertops are valued for their impeccable aesthetics and extraordinary beauty. So in the interior of the house – in the bathroom or living room – decorating furniture countertops, fireplace trim or facade walls with natural marble will be both a practical and an impression of luxury.

Maintenance of natural marble stone products (table tops, window sills, fireplace finishes)

Countertop – The business card of your home. In order to preserve the high technical properties and aesthetic characteristics of a marble stone countertop, it needs to be regularly maintained in accordance with certain rules and recommendations.

When caring for a natural stone countertop, sink, fireplace or window sill, it is not suitable to clean them with conventional cleaners as they can damage the stone surface. Special stone cleaning pastes or spray cleaners effectively clean the stone and give it a shine.

It is recommended to impregnate each countertop with a special agent for natural stone, which gives the stone very good protection from water, grease and moisture. The tool is deeply absorbed into the stone, does not change the original color of the stone, enlivens the stone pattern, but does not leave a film on the surface and allows the stone to breathe. It is enough to clean the impregnated worktop with a damp sponge and wipe with a dry cloth.

Articles made of natural marble are durable, but simple care is necessary to make them happy. For daily cleaning, special measures are usually used to allow the stone to retain its natural color and shine for longer and, most importantly for natural stones, not to damage the stone’s surface with normal chemistry.

Attention! Impregnants do not protect natural stone from acids, so it is necessary to be very careful not to leave any residue of wine, lemon, tomato, onion on the table top. However, if there is no “accident”, there are special stone cleaning pastes that remove acid stains from the stone – all you need to do is take care of the stain immediately.

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