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Neolith Artificial granite stone


Neolith artificial granite stone, thanks to its exceptional strength, is one of the most scratch-resistant surfaces on our market, so this surface, even if intensively used every day, will not lose its beauty at all and will last a long time. Artificial stone countertops, walls, kitchen island surfaces and other interior and exterior solutions are resistant to stains, scratches, hydrolysis, heat changes and fire.

Neolith Surface sizes


The surface of the Neolith® artificial granite stone has a very wide choice of comfortable dimensions – from 360×120 cm, 320×150 cm and 320×160 cm, and with exceptional lightness – the thickness of 3 mm is only 7 kg / m² and 12 mm – 30 kg / m². This surface will also surprise you not only with your strength, but also with a thickness of 0.3 / 0.6 / 1.2 / 2.0 cm). This will provide extraordinary opportunities to convey the latest trends in kitchen, bathroom, façade, walls, high and high traffic zones, and the 150×150 cm, 150×75 cm and 75×75 cm floor coverings can be presented with the best expressive features. Neolith® surfaces are manufactured in a very consistent manner and always maintain its dimensions and thickness throughout the board, which makes it possible to reduce the need for adjustments in the design and allows for easy implementation of the project’s design.

Surface color longevity

The surface of Neolith® artificial granite stone is ultra-violet (UV) resistant and its color does not fade over time, making it ideal for indoor and outdoor use. The production process used in the production of Neolith® material allows for the control of pigmentation and the finishing materials provide better color consistency in all layers of material components – thus creating a durable product that will not dissolve and not decompose over a long period of its useful life. Today, the Neolith® Artificial Granite Surface will retain its same appearance throughout the product life cycle.

High resistance to scratches, stains and hydrolysis

This artificial granite stone, due to its exceptional strength, is one of the most resistant to scratches, stains and hydrolysis on our market, so this surface, even if used intensively every day, will not lose its beauty and will last a long time. Neolith artificial granite surface is more than 5 times stronger than natural granite, so Neolith surfaces can be used thinner and lighter – the strength properties of this material allow you to design protrusions that are not considered protruding by kitchen countertops and bars. Neolith’s high compressive strength properties make it ideal for use in the construction of walkways, basing the floor for walking or the carriageway.

Resistance to heat change and fire

The low coefficient of thermal expansion makes it possible to avoid sudden temperature fluctuations from both high heat to cold and vice versa. It has natural resistance to cold and sudden thawing, so the surfaces of this artificial stone are perfect for use even in the coldest environments. Artificial granite stone is resistant to high temperatures (up to 300 ° C; not burning) – its surface is non-flammable, does not melt, does not crack, is not afraid of large temperature differences or otherwise damages, so you can safely place a hot pot on the worktop and do not worry about it vulnerability.

Our work with Neolith

Color Options

Processing of natural and artificial stone.

Production is made only from the highest quality natural and artificial stone.

Modern stone processing machines allow to perform both standard and non-standard orders with extreme precision and accuracy.

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